Darkside 3.0 ~PC, Quest, and Optimized NSFW

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Starwars Sith meets VRChat

-> Physbones - Normal phys bone spots + thigh and tummy jiggle!

-> Interactive Lightsaber

-> Ass mark and slap noise when you spank her! There is a toggle to remove the print as well.

-> 6 skin tones

-> 4 different hair types! Black, Brown, Blonde, and Platinum Blonde

-> Hue shift and toggle to turn off hue shift on the hair!

-> DPS- Hands, Pussy, Mouth, Titties, Asshole + More!

-> Hair Swap from long hair to braided buns!

-> Skirt>Panties>Bottoms Off Swap

-> Top>Pasties>Tops Off Swap

-> 4 menus to accessorize your avatar to your liking!

-> Custom Tattoo textures!

-> Great for dancing and clubbing!

-> Everything Toggleable (Pc and Quest)

-> Great for dancing!

-> FBT Ready and Tested (Toggle + Smooth Movements)

Thank you FoamLatte, LethalDino, and Okusan for helping me with my showcase!

Unity 2019.4.31 -> Please have unity knowledge before purchasing! If you need help uploading please let me know in my server!

PC Ver: 261k Polys. Optimized Ver: 66k Polys Quest Ver: 254k Polys

How to Upload PC (don't add DPS for Optimized):
- Open a new unity project 2019.4.31
- Import Dynamic Penetration System, purchase here
- Poiyomi and VRCSDK included!
- Import your Darkside 3.0 package
- ***Double click the "Darkside" scene in assets. Detach the pipeline ID if needed!
- Ready to upload!

How to Upload Quest:
- Open a new unity project 2019.4.31
- Poiyomi and VRCSDK included!
- Import your Darkside 3.0 package
- ***Double click the "Darkside" scene in assets. Attach your PC pipeline ID!
- Switch build mode: File> Build Settings> Android> Switch Platform

- Ready to upload!

﹥No redistributing the package to anyone.
﹥If you want to purchase for a friend you must provide me with their discord.
﹥No taking assets off the model and using for your own, you must purchase assets from the original creators.

﹥If you have any problems purchasing, etc please let me know! We can work something out. ﹥ If you add or edit something I am not responsible for the package not working! ﹥I am not responsible for any Vrchat updates breaking this model.
﹥No leaking, trading, friend uploads, resale and redistribution. ﹥Don't be afraid to ask me any questions!
﹥Product sale is final upon purchase; non-refundable.
﹥Light edits are okay but please don't change the head! If it is beyond you being able to recognize the model that will be considered asset mining. (Using the model just for its assets which isn't okay and against many creators TOS!)
﹥You are not allowed to upload her as public for people to clone. They must purchase themselves.
﹥You must provide your full discord user with # and your VRChat user at checkout. No exceptions. This information is only used to prevent leaking/ripping and will not be shared with anyone but the seller.

Credits(Click on the discord user for link):

Face + Dermal Piercings- jelly#0005 + moonlight peach#3252 + Kxromi#1249

head- kri#1214 (light edit by me, not for reuse)

body- Pandaabear#9873 (edited by me, not for reuse)

skirt- Leonnie#4294 (rigged by me, not for reuse)

top+panties+pasties- Ressonae#6917

cloak- ccwuvschu#2000

eye texture- kri#1214

kri head texture- miing#8888

nipple+belly piercings- Cupkake#6666(nitro)

leg+arm strap- Renipuff#3700

long hair- illume#2788

buns- Sadge#3333

boots- AgentM#0247

hair textures- Sugs#9795 + Sadge#3333

nails- Nauuki#5353

body texture- Ying#6669

tattoo texture- custom by foam#9819 (not for reuse)

rings- PastelPlushies#2961

c string- Pylies#6922

lightsaber- Wolfy#2727

av3creator- Rafa#0069

locomotion- wetcat

handprint decal- Yuuki#9669 (must ask first, not for reuse)

goth elf ears- B o o#8584

DPS- raliv

DPS Setup- fluff#5265

hand gesture- ask_amber#7777

ruby texture- foam#9819

bounding fix- jessica

If I missed any credits please let me know!

-Quantity 1+
  • If you need help with this package please join my server and ask!

  • If you need help with this package please join my server and ask!


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